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HKUST Summer Workshop on Macroeconomics

June 24 - 25, 2014

Room 1003, Lee Shau Kee Business Building, HKUST


(Please refer to the Campus Map.)

Program Details (PDF) :

Day 1: June 24, 2014 (Tuesday)

8:00- 8:50am Breakfast at conference venue

8:50am Opening Remarks (Prof.  Siu Fai LEUNG, Department Head)

Morning Session: (Chair: Tao Zhu (HKUST) )

9:00- 10:00am Lars Peter Hansen (Chicago): Shock Elasticities and Impulse Responses (with Jaraslav Borovicka and Jose A. Scheinkman)


10:00-10:15am COFFEE/TEA BREAK

10:15-11:15am Lu Yang (HKUST): Optimal policy design with a skeptical forward-looking private sector (with Robert King)


11:15-11:30am COFFEE/TEA BREAK


11:30-12:30 pm Tao Zha (Emory and FRB Atlanta) Trends and Cycles in Chinas Macroeconomy (with Chun Chang, Dan Waggoner, and Mei Zhu)


12:30- 2:10 pm Lunch at China Garden function room (by invitation)


Afternoon Session: (Chair: Pengfei Wang (HKUST))

2:00- 3:00pm Alejandro Justiniano (FRB Chicago): Credit Supply and Housing Boom (with Giorgio E Primiceri and Andrea Tambalotti)

3:00- 3:15pm COFFEE/TEA BREAK

3:15- 4:15pm Cui Wei (University College London ): Search-Based Endogenous Illiquidity and the Macroeconomy (with Soren Raddex)

4:15- 4:30pm COFFEE/ TEA BREAK

4:30- 5:30Pm Wen Yi (Tsinghua and FRB St. Louis): Evaluating the Effects of Unconventional Monetary Policy

6:00 pm: Departure for Dinner at Hung Kee Seafood Restaurant (by invitation)


Day 2: June 25, 2014 (Wednesday)

8:00-9:00am Breakfast at Conference Venue

Morning Session: (Chair: Lu Yang (HKUST))

9:00-10:00am Chad Jones (Stanford): A Schumpeterian Model of Top Income Inequality (with Jihee Kim)


10:00-10:15am COFFEE/TEA BREAK


10:15-11:15am Wang Yong: Structural Change and the Dynamics of Real Exchange Rate (with Jenny Xu and Xiaodong Zhu(University of Toronto)

11:15-11:30am COFFEE/TEA BREAK


11:30-12:30pm Erzo G.J. Luttmer (University of Minnesota): Knowledge Diffusion, Growth, and Inequality


12:30- 2:00pm Lunch at Buffet at LSK 3/F Dining Hall (by invitation)

Afternoon Session: (Chair: Wang Yong (HKUST))

2:00- 3:00pm Jonathan Heathcote (FRB Minneapolis): Wealth and Volatility (with Fabrizio Perri )

3:00- 3:15pm COFFEE/TEA BREAK

3:15- 4:15pm Dong Feng (Shanghai Jiaotong University): Capital Misallocation and Unemployment

4:15- 4:3pm COFFEE/TEA BREAK

4:30- 5:30pm Kaiji Chen (Emory): Lending Efficiency Shocks (with Tao Zha)


5:30pm Group Photos; Conference Adjourned

6:00pm Departure for Dinner Shanghai Min, Tsimshatsui East (by invitation)